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Ayush 64 - Sucess Story

Malaria was widely prevalent all over the world and claimed millions of lives. However, the use of modern antimalarial drugs leaves number of side effects to the patients as these modern allopathic antimalarial drugs are highly toxic. Their repeated use causes numerous side- effects resulting in ocular disturbances, etc.

In India, the “Ayurvedic” system of medicine is an age old system that provides methodology for treatment of several diseases and its literature contains many drugs prescribed for treatment of malaria. The Central Council of Ayurveda & Siddha have developed a new formulation, prepared from four different types of indigenously available herbs, which has been found to be very effective in the safe treatment of malaria. It has been named as Ayush-64. The drug is very effective both in curing and prevention.

The process has been licensed to several parties by the Corporation in India, who are not only supplying to the common people but also to a large number of Govt. hospitals