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Title: CDT @ Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire


Centre for Demonstration and Promotion of Technologies (CDT), Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

The Corporation during its endeavor in transfer of technologies to African countries, realized that the level of technological development in these countries are poor and the manufacturing activities to convert their local resources are very limited, which has resulted in inadequate development of micro, small and medium scale industry. Therefore, all of these countries required technologies, which can be adopted, easily by small and micro entrepreneurs and machines affordable by them so that large number of micro and small industries can be set up in these countries.

In view of the above, the concept of Technologies Demonstration Centre was developed only to demonstrate the technologies and machines, which are affordable for small and micro entrepreneurs. 

The Centre for Demonstration and Promotion of Technologies (CDT) has been set up to introduce and familiarise Indian technologies and equipments to the small and micro enterprises in Cote d’Ivoire. The machines, plant and equipment installed at CDT are in the field of Agro and Food Processing, Fruit Processing and Light Engineering.

The responsibilities of NRDC were broadly to provide the technologies, machines and equipments and services for identification, procurement, installation, commissioning and operation of the center.

The mandate of NRDC was to expose Indian technologies to micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in Cote d’Ivoire in the field of Agro and Food Processing, Fruit Processing and Light Engineering, which has been successfully achieved.

The machines installed at the Demonstration Centre are of low capacity, typically suited for a pilot plant or demonstration purposes. The facility can be used for a range of activities, other than mere Demonstration of Technologies such as,

  • Giving live hands-on training
  • Conversion of available raw agro-produce into value-added products
  • As a hub for bidding for larger projects
  • Self-employment generation programs, etc.

However, if orders are received for any of the machines displayed there, they can be supplied by vendors in India through NRDC.

Our objective is that as many as possible people should know about the existence of this Centre. To achieve this objective we tried to get more footfalls in the Centre by way of contact with cooperatives, societies and general contact with people, industrial association and participation in trade and agricultural fares.

NRDC has already achieved success by setting up the center for demonstration, which was our mandate.