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1. Programme for Inspiring Inventors and Innovators " (PIII) Allocation of fund as per B.E. 2023-24 : Rs. 850.00 Lakhs

The programme is planned to encourage the innovators / inventors in developing new innovative technologies & products as well as rendering technical and financial assistance for protection of inventions by filing IPR in India and abroad.

The major activities carried out are:

1.1 Technology Development, Validation and Commercialisation (TDVC)

  • Support the technology from POC stage to Pre-commecialisation
  • Seed funding by way of equity for taking technology from pre-commercialisaion to commercialization stage

1.2 Patent Assistance

1.3 Managing Incubation Centres

2. Programme for Development of Technology Inspiring For Commercialization” (PDTC) Allocation of fund as per B.E. 2023-24: Rs. 400.00 Lakhs

The major objective of the scheme is to provide support to lab scale technologies for making it acceptable by the industry through value-addition, dissemination of information on such developed technologies to industries and provide part of capital as seed fund.

The major activities carried out are:

2.1 Maturing of Laboratory Scale Technologies for Commercialisation:  Value addition viz. 

  •       Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP), Market survey, socio-economic Impact
  •       assessment of NRDC Licensed technologies etc.

2.2 Dissemination of Information on Technologies: Exhibitions, Publications,  Advertisement, Industry Interaction meets

2.3 Start-up India: Seed funding of manufacturing start-ups in incubation centres.

2.4 Opening of outreach office of NRDC for promoting IP and Technology Transfer