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Q.           Where I cann Find Technology Details ?

A.            The Technology  Details can be found under Technology Tab or please access the following link:


Q.           How to Register on NRDC website ?

A.           There is link under users Tab or you can use the following link:


Q.           How I can contact officers of NRDC ?

A.     There is a list of complete contact details of NRDC officials. you can find the same on contact tab or follow the link . you can email us also at .

Q.           What is the process to file a feedback ?

A.       At the left side of the website there are three popup menus. You can register your feedback on the same or follow the link  . An online feedback  mangment mechanism has been  deployed at NRDC. We will be happy to impove.

Q.           How I can submit application for Prize Award ?

A.           You can find the complete information under the awards tab or follow the link  this link contains all the guideline and link to access the online application for proposal submission.

Q.           I want to read the old issues of Awishkar ?

A.    You can access the old issues and the first two pages of the latest issues at the publication tab or follow the link  .

Q.           What is the Organization flow of NRDC ?

A.  The link of the same is placed under About Us tab or follow the link

Q.           How I see the global project conducted by NRDC ?

A.           The Same can be accessed under the programmes Tab or follow the link .