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Title: NRDC Incubation Centre


To promote the growth of start-ups NRDC has established n Incubation Center in its premises. NRDC provides a highly flexible combination of business development process, infrastructure and incubation team to nurture new and small business by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stage of development.


Basic services provided by NRDC incubation centre:


  • Access to NRDC technology Data Bank/ technologies available for start-ups/commercialization
  • Furnished Physical Space
  • Conference/ meeting Room
  • Linkage with Academic/ research institutes, common facility testing centres
  • Handholding, Mentoring & Networking
  • Access to testing/QC facilities available with network partners
  • Connecting with Start-up India and other Government programs
  • Facilitating linkages with funding/VC firms


Our Incubatees:


  1. Realsaber Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


M/s Realsaber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is working on AI based video recruitment platform through which recruiters can shortlist candidates by reviewing video resumes sent by Job seekers and conduct interviews over video conferencing facility. This platform will improve the efficiency, reduce the time and cost incurred during recruitment and selection process.


  1. Pratyaksha Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.


M/s Pratyaksha Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. is setting up tissue culture lab for organic farming for the farmers in North East India. This initiative will benefit the farmers to grow any agro-variety independent of the environmental factors, hence, increasing the yield and improving the livelihood of the farmers. This will bridge the demand-supply gap for agricultural commodities in India


  1. Klassical Biomechanics International LLP


M/s Klassical Biomechanics International LLP is a company, has designed and developed various innovative products and processes to enhance overall efficiency for a system such as human body conditioning for sports/ fitness/ physiotherapy. Startup has also developed products & processes for sports/ fitness training. Its regular use can also increase overall efficiency, energy, intelligence and memory of a human body.


  1. Adamya Herbal Care Pvt. Ltd.


Adamya Herbal Care Pvt. Ltd. is working on some poly-herbal formulations for treating viral diseases like Dengue, Swine Flu, Japanese Encephalitis, Chikangunya, Ebola, Zika virus etc.


  1. Epiphany Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


Epiphany Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is working towards building a “Smart Helmet”. The helmet is integrated with a two wheeler which will keep both the driver as well the vehicle safe and secure by making it mandatory for the driver to put on the helmet and have a permissible alcohol breath level so as to be able to start the vehicle.