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DRDO Innovative Technologies Available for Commercialization Through Bidding - Latest News

NRDC, a  Premier Technology Transfer Organisation under the Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India having mandate for licensing of innovative technologies to industries. NRDC provides IP protection and technology commercialisation services. NRDC has executed more than 5000 technology transfer agreements with Entrepreneurs / Start-ups / MSME’s / Industries.


High Temperature Erosion Resistant Composites :

This technology of High Temperature Erosion Resistant Composites are prepared by sintering of pure tungsten powders in order to obtain a controlled level of interconnected porosity followed by infiltration of molten copper into the porous mass. So, R&D efforts were directed to arrive at the optimised parameters to get defect free W-Cu composite.

Application areas

The new process is useful in defence applications such as jet vanes, throat nozzles and throat inserts, which are used as altitude controls in thrusters of various missiles as well as the process could be used for civilian applications such as electrical contacts, resistance welding contacts, Electricals discharge machining (EDM) electrodes and porous emitters.

Last date for submission of bids is 28th May, 2023


High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Nanocomposite Membrane Technology (NMR-HTPEMT)

NMRL, Ambernath has developed a nanocomposite polybenzimidazole based membrane for application in HTPEMFC and realized a 100W stack using the same. The membrane is made from indigenously available precursors. The membrane possesses high thermo-mechanical stability and has excellent chemical resistance coupled with high proton conductivity on doping with phosphoric acid. Since it does not require water for conduction, it is most suitable for fuel cell operation in the temperature range of 120-180°C.

Salient features:

Ø Nanocomposite high temperature membrane
Ø Thermally stable upto 600°C.
Ø Proton conductivity in the range of 35-50 mS/cm at 180°C.
Ø High oxidative stability .
Ø Stable fuel cell performance for more than 700 hours of operation.Ø

Application areas:

High Temperature Fuel Cell
Electrolyte in high temperature supercapacitor
Separator in battery

Last date for submission of bids is 25th June, 2023